Edward & Sons Convenience Without Compromise: JACK FRUIT!

Edward & Sons is known as a pioneer in the natural foods industry providing customers with great leading brands like Native Forest, Let’s Do Organic, More Than Fair, and Nature Factor! Here is what they’ve got to say about their new JACK FRUIT sku!

Native ForestÆ Organic Young Jackfruit (aka Jakfruit) are grown in lush organic orchards on the beautiful island country of Sri Lanka. Big and prickly on the outside, young jackfruit’s fleshy interior has a mild flavor and meaty texture that is remarkably similar to chicken. As such, Native Forest Organic Young Jackfruit is an excellent vegan, soy and gluten free alternative to meat in numerous recipes. As it cooks, our young jackfruit begins to flake or shred into the ideal texture for vegan pulled pork and chicken recipes. It has a very mild flavor, making young jackfruit an excellent base to carry many different sauces and seasonings. Look over our recipes at http://www.edwardandsonsrecipes.org and send us yours to share with others. Experiment. Enjoy!
Explore delicious recipes for all our products at edwardandsonsrecipes.org.



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