Tozzi & Associates is a boutique natural foods brokerage company that is equal parts democracy, passion, enthusiasm, road warrior street smarts, and entrepreneurial spirit fueled by a heart-in-business communal culture.

Tozzi & Associates provides its vendors and retailers with a passionately informed and enthusiastic approach to the industry. Welcoming vendors large and small into its fold our sales staff works independently with each client to make sure its goals are accomplished.   Tozzi has continually set a unique example within the brokerage community by its focus on face to face retail visits, its road warrior heritage, and its family like atmosphere.  Our “Tozzi-ocracy” gives all team members the opportunity to assess representation decisions.  The net result: empowered employees that are creative and productive.

“We are a beautiful collage of boomers and gen x’ers.  We challenge each other to find solutions for our manufacturers.  We pick each other up.  We inspire dialogue.  We empower each other.  We are a unique unit in a sea of vanilla options.  Our expertise is pioneering emerging brands.”

Phil Tozzi is an industry pioneer and veteran of 30 years. His experience within the industry is multi-faceted, from working as a rep to owning his own company. His journey began when Phil met Bob Golick, son of the president of the successful brokerage firm Golick-Martin. They established the very successful natural division of Go Sales; the first natural broker for Knudsen Juice and for Mother’s brand by Quaker. Food Enterprises of New York, the leading area mass-market broker at the time acquired Go Sales. While Phil was impressed with the seemingly limitless resources of such an operation, he noticed that they were not really in touch with their customer base, particularly on the natural products side. This inspired Phil to launch Tozzi & Associates in the fall of 1986.

Tozzi & Associates!  Your search has brought you to an energetic sales team to partner with in the northeast marketplace.